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One of the most popular magazines in the US is ‘People’ magazine, and such was its success that publishers Pacific Magazines wanted to take it to Australia too. However, there was already a magazine in circulation carrying the name ‘People’, so for the Australian market they re-branded and renamed this popular magazine ‘Who’. The formats are the same, and this weekly magazine keeps you bang up to date with the comings and goings of our favorite celebrities, containing news, entertainment, gossip and more. figuresmagazine

The first editions of ‘Who’ magazine hit the Australian newsstands in March 1992, and was the first of its kind to be sold there. Not another general women’s magazine of which there were already dozens to choose from, ‘Who’ was the first to focus solely on the lives of the rich and famous, those we love to call the celebrities. The first of these celebrities to feature as cover girl was the delightful Candice Bergen, youngmagazines who at the time was the star of sitcom Murphy Brown. To begin with the content was largely printed in black and white, but such was the popularity with ‘Who’ becoming an instant hit that by 1994, just two years later, Pacific felt that it was justified in making this a full color glossy magazine. As time went on more features were added such as beauty tips, with the focus being how to look as good as the celebrity ladies, and fashion shoots that gave you high street versions of catwalk clothing bringing the know how to the masses. commitmagazine

Ever keen to maintain it’s popularity, the editorial team at Who magazine have kept a close eye on the industry and further changes were made to ensure that the magazine kept its place as one of the most popular on the newsstands. The next to change was the realization that more popular magazines were hitting the shelves on a Friday, as people finished work for the week and rushed to buy their weekend reading. In 2001 the magazine ceased publication on Mondays, and seeing the potential switched to Fridays, leadersmagazine which worked in their favor and boosted sales figures. 6 months later saw the magazine awarded the Magazine Publishers of Australia Award for General Excellence, further justifying their changes. In the changing industry it was inevitable that further changes would be made, and in 2003 it was the physical page size of the magazine that was changed. The magazine was made bigger and the quality of paper on which Who was printed was improved and made more glossy. At the time this made it the largest of the glossy mags, but since then other rivals have all changed their sizes, and with the exception of Famous, it is now back to being one of the smallest physically again. That said, Who continues to hold excellent sales figures and since the end of 2007 has had editor Nicola Briger at the helm. She is a well know editor, having come from Elle magazine. For more info please visit these sites:- https://businessavers.com/


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