5 Platinum Habits of a Networking Champ

You don’t have to be a networking champ to know one. You probably know an individual who is very friendly and well liked by tons of people. This person never seems to be out of options or advice. sokaworld

They never seem to be out of options because they are well connected and seem to know everybody and everybody knows them. They never seem to be short of advice because they can either find an answer for you from an expert or advise you to contact someone. kinmagazine

Yes sir, it is of the networking champ that I speak of. Sometimes, this individual may seem superhuman but on the contrary they, are just predisposed to certain skills and habits they have mastered;

1. A million dollar smile regardless of what’s happening underneath.

If you are familiar with your own local networking champ, you have no doubt noticed this habit. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems like the rest of us, it simply mean that they would like to share the brighter side opposed to the alternative. This is a good habit as it attracts positive things and people to them. businesschamp

2. No matter what you say or do, he/she always seems to be genuinely interested.

You have probably noticed that when you speak to this person, they always have an active ear. By this, I mean that they listen attentively and even add constructive input on what you’re saying. businesssalt

3. An e-mail or phone call is never really a surprise.

Although an e-mail or phone call doesn’t come every day from this person, when you do receive one, it is never a shock. It is actually pleasantly and warmly accepted. Also, the content is usually authentic and genuine.

4. He/she knows the proper places to categorize contacts.

One of the great ways that networking champs are able to communicate with their network is by putting people in their proper categories. They can tell, through their organized system, who to contact and how frequently. They also keep a record of the details regarding all of their contacts. For more info please visit these sites:- https://mibabyshower.org/

5. You feel like you’ve known them for years.

You may or may not have known them for long periods time but when you are in their presence, it feels that way. They have actually developed the ability and habit of making people feel as comfortable as close family and friends. Even if you have only known them for a short time, you feel as though you can confide in them as trusted colleagues.

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