How Much Help Can Job Recruiters Be in a Recession Like This One?

It’s when a recession comes around and throws people’s lives out of the well-ordered comfort they lived in up until then that job recruiters really begin to come into their own. When workers out of a job and with no prospects begin to become desperate, they become willing to seek the assistance of job recruiters – they will do anything for a job, even pay a month’s salary as compensation to someone who gets them the job. But job recruiters don’t conjure jobs up out of thin air. In a recession such as the one we’re facing now, even the job recruiters are hard-pressed to find anything for the waves of clients that come their way asking for help. It used to be that anyone experienced enough and out of work could just switch careers and begin as a temp worker or an administrative assistant. Employers would be happy, grateful even for a chance to employ someone with as much experience. Today, they have a large set of people to choose from, and they are getting choosy even with temp jobs. drivingschoolintoronto

If workers with considerable experience and qualifications can be sniffed at for want of a resume with relevant experience, just imagine what jobseekers must go through when they start out on a job hunt having been laid off for months? Job recruiters won’t even consider these people for entry-level jobs anymore unless they have very relevant experience. How could they shop someone with less than the required level of experience when employers know how much choice they have? Just think about it – an employer could just as well post a job in the classifieds and get loads of irrelevant resumes in the mail if they were interested in volume. They go to job recruiters for highly relevant applicants. In other words, job recruiters aren’t in business anymore for people who want to switch careers. temp-mail

It’s the classic Catch-22 – anyone trying to change careers can’t get a break unless he is experienced. And he can’t get experience unless someone gives him a break. What makes things all the more complicated is that there are workers out of a job now who don’t even have a choice but to change careers because their kind of job has just been made obsolete. What can workers do now? Where do they turn to for help? What one can do is, volunteer as an unpaid intern. You just can’t afford to have a hole in your resume these days. Taking adult education classes at a community college or elsewhere to learn new skills can really look good on your resume too. In a recession this tough, even job recruiters are not the easy solution they once were. You have to think laterally, and find new ways to deliver what employers want. That is what works.


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