Free Bets – Take Advantage of Them – Most Online Bookmakers Offer Free Bets to Encourage New Sign-up

There are now 1000’s of online bookmakers and sportsbooks and the fast majority of them offer free bets (sometimes one free bet but also in many cases a number of free bets) to new members.

However to take advantage of the free bet offers at many of these online sportsbooks it is imperative that you enter your chosen sportsbook site via a suitable link which takes you directly to the offer page (or sometimes to their home page but with a special cookie that tells the sportsbooks software that you entered their site via a promotional link).

Sadly a lot of people are not aware of this and just type the sportsbook URL into their browser and then just click on the join now link on the sportsbook home page. By doing this they are in a lot of cases missing out on a golden opportunity to avail themselves to the special free bet offers that most of these sportsbooks offer to encourage people to sign up. freebet

The idea behind the free bet offers you see in many of the banners advertising sportsbooks through-out the web is that all sportsbooks are in competition and need to encourage you to click THEIR banner and visit their site; where as if you are already on their site they know the hard part has been done and very often


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