SEO and Social Media: Success Integrated Part 2

In SEO and Social Media: Success Integrated Part 1 we discussed the important links between these two powerful marketing and branding strategies. One of the most critical ways that SEO and social media are integrated is by linking. This is accomplished by creating a connection between your website and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace by sharing content and information between the two. However, there are 2 other potent ways that search engine optimization and SMO (social media optimization) can be used jointly to help your business achieve a dominant position in its markets: Social Proof and Viral Marketing. pittsburgh seo company

Social Proof

“Monkey-see-monkey-do” is the principle behind social proof. This refers to the psychological nature of people to take action based upon the actions of others. As an example, if a user is scrolling through a particular group of videos, they’ll be more likely to watch videos that have a high number of views or comments. Another example is when users see that a large number of people have purchased a product or service – even if a different product or service is cheaper or has more features, if there’s no “social proof” available, most users will by default choose the product that is proven.

This is relevant to SEO because search engines like Google take social proof very seriously. In the same way that organic search rankings are bolstered by developing backlinks, (because the search engines view backlinks as “votes” for a particular page) social proof tells Google, Bing, Yahoo and others that a particular page is authoritative and related contextually.

One of the most effective ways to capitalize on this is to include the most popular social media plugins on your website to enable your customers to quickly engage your company in an interactive manner. Additionally, plugins that take users directly to your Facebook fanpage, MySpace profile or LinkedIn account are critical for developing a strong association between your website and social media elements.

Direct Marketing Gone Viral

Direct marketing is so potent that is some cases businesses and individuals can be overwhelmed with an influx of traffic and activity. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that you have 100 fans or friends on a particular social media site. If you post a special deal or promote a new offer on your wall, it’s not likely that everyone following you is going to see it or be interested if they do. However, if only 5% of your fans find the advertisement or offer intriguing enough to repost or share it, that’s 5 people that spread your link. Now, assuming that each of those 5 people have on average 200 friends, if that sub-group distributes the message and only 5% of THEIR fans find it interesting enough to spread, now you’ve just shared your link with 55 highly targeted individuals.

This is direct marketing gone viral, and it will continue for many, many levels. However, businesses that successfully employ SEO and social media should ensure that they are able to fill all necessary orders or provide all services if a major viral event occurs.


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