101 Ways To Start Your Own Digital Photographic Business! (11 To 20)

Want to make money with digital photography? Want your own Photographic Business? Its not just wedding photography, read on to find out 101 other ways to make money and start your own business in the exciting world of Photography! Here is a list of the second 10, with an outline of the type of business that can be made.

Your own digital, photography based, home business could start here…

* LINE DRAWINGS. Line drawings are easily made from digital photos. And can be used for illustration purposes Where before an artist was commissioned to produce the drawing, now you can do it with an image, a computer and cheap software. Cards, letters, club flyers, adverts anything that lends itself to an illustration rather than a photograph, can be done easily at home. Look around for the market that attracts you and that you see using drawings.

* CD &DVD LABELS. CD & DVD labels are not just for the music industry you know, although if you know any artists! Maybe there’s a rehearsal room near you, or a community centre. If so there may be budding musicians, singers, performers who are thinking of bringing out a demo disc. Don’t forget the press. But I digress, other businesses produce dvd’s and cd’s to promote their products, they are looking for someone to take the photo add some imagination to it and produce their labels. What industry do you know?

* TRANSFERS. Anything can have a photo transferred onto it these days, without complicated darkroom techniques, or expensive equipment. Wood, slate, phones, bags, flags, tags, placemats (for cafes/restaurants), playing cards, labels, kites.You name it, it can have a photo on. And a business to boot (baby boots?)!

* CALENDARS. You see them in the shops, but there is another huge calendar market that you don’t see. Personalised calendars, business promotion calendars, special event calendars, how about wedding calendars with calendars that start on the day of the wedding? Use your imagination, check the local paper, if theres something going on, they may need a calendar!

* PAPER MASKS. Ideal for parties, kids or otherwise! Could combine with other photo-based printed products for the complete party package. Or as stand alone novelty items, Boris Johnson masks? Halloween masks? You decide.

* TIES. Ties make great presents and promotional items for small businesses. Bridge clubs, golf clubs, chess clubs, tennis clubs, schools, restaurants. I am sure you can add to the list. Source a cheap supply of ties of the appropriate colour, or they may already have, produce your image or logo, arrange as many as you can per page and print onto transfer paper. Looks and feels great. Online chess calendar

* RUBBER STAMPS. You don’t have to think of rubber stamps as being just words. Any image can be reduced to its simplest form, like a pen and ink drawing and made into a rubber stamp. There are lots of rubber stamp makers online, or in the press. A rubber stamp can personalise a dreary letter, or invoice.

* GIFT WRAP. Create an image,keep in mind the size of gift its for, repeat the image. How many people can you think of who would like their own gift wrap? Private householders maybe, to go with the calendars, cards you offer. But what of small shops, flower shops? Experiment with paper, legal paper, or roll paper for the bigger wraps, if your printer accepts it. Have fun.

* CANDLE CUPS. Decorate your own votive candle cups with patterns printed on backlight film, make sure to put the film on the outside of the cups. Can be supplied as individual items, or in sets. Again personalised or how many candle selling outlets do you know? Make great Christmas gifts.

* PHOTO SOAP. Print out a couple of small photos, with a suitable embellish, stick them back to back. Protect the images with clear tape. Fill up a soap mould half full and put your photo in. Use a clear glycerine soap mixture, fill the mould! Personalised soap, or how many small hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants would like their own soap? Probably at a competitive price too. You could clean up here!


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