Honda Production in America Surpasses Production in Japan

With all the talk about Americans losing jobs to companies overseas, niceasicminer many don’t realize just how many cars are actually built in America. Chances are that your new Japanese automobile was actually made in the United States and not in Japan. Honda was actually the first Japanese automaker to begin building its cars in America back in 1982. The first car to be produced in America by the Honda Motor Company was the popular Accord model. It is cheaper for automakers to build cars in the states because they don’t have to pay to ship the vehicles all the way from Japan. It is also less wasteful of our natural resources because we are using less fuel to transport the completed cars.

Lately, production of Japanese cars in America has become so big that in the second quarter of 2010 the Honda Motor Company actually built more cars in the United States than they did in their home country. This is the first time this has ever happened for any Japanese automaker. Part of the reason for this is that the American auto market seems to be recovering than the one in Japan. The reason for this is that production in the United States has been increasing at a faster pace the production in Japan.

As long as the auto market in the United States continues to stay strong Honda may not be the only Japanese automaker to begin building more cars in America than in Japan. While Honda moves into the growing Chinese market it is likely that their production numbers in China will surpass those in the United States sometime in the near future.


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