Owning a Property in Turkey – A Paradise For Divers

Turkey is attracting an increasing number of foreigners with its combination of history, spectacular nature, great food and growing economy. Among other reasons, people are deciding to settle in Turkey because their pensions from the UK or Germany can go much further in Turkey than in the home country, and they can afford a quality of life and property in Turkey they could only dream of. People with particular passion, like golfing or diving can indulge in their sport year around, for a reasonable price, almost in their backyard.

For a passionate diver, Turkey is the place of dreams. Turkey is quickly becoming a new well-kept secret for divers, who have been diving the Red Sea for a long time and who consider it among the best diving in the world. Turkish waters have many of the same features: spectacular reefs, real estate turkey caverns, wall, and wrecks – new and old. Finding a 3000 years old amphora is probably more common than meeting a dolphin. Most popular diving destinations in Turkey are: Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and Kas.

Fethiye is one of the most popular diving destination. It is a lovely little town, well-known among the expat community. Large number of Europeans who bought a property in Turkey settled in Fethiye. A range of outdoor activities, especially water sports, is available for the adventurous. There are a number of dive shops offering equipment rental and organized diving trips to the most popular sites. Fethiye dive sites are among the best in the region.

Aladin’s Cavern

Aladin’s Cave is definitely the best dive in the area. The drop-off wall is covered with colorful marine life. You can see many kinds of soft coral, trumpet, gem, daisy and strawberry anemones, Devonshire cup corals, gold star coral, dead man fingers and many forms of lace coral. Look for the moray eels in the holes and cracks along the wall. From the wall, dive inside the cavern where you can surface and wonder: what is more beautiful: above and below the water. This dive is for intermediate or advanced divers only.

Derin Wall

Strange cliffs on the coastline continue downwards with different layers of rocks, creating many cracks and openings, perfect hiding places for spiny lobsters, crayfish and shrimps. The wall is covered with many kinds of soft coral, sponges & sea anemones. Be careful not to get disoriented, you cannot see the bottom at the wall.

Mexican Hat

This is a hole dive, in the shape of a Mexican hat. It is about 20m / 66 ft deep with sandy bottom, and is large enough to accommodate 6-8 divers at the time. Good buoyancy is a must, so this dive site is only for the experienced divers. The light does not penetrate the hole, but using your dive light you can see large mullet, shrimps, soft coral, moray eels and some groupers. Exit from the dive site is through a spectacular underwater archway.


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