Muscle and Mind – Can You Build Muscle With Your Mind?

Can you improve your muscularity with a muscle and mind connection? The answer is definitely yes.

Can improve your mind with your muscles? Indirectly, yes you can.

Your mind is in control of your entire body and all of it’s functioning. Your mind is also a thinking machine. Every thought, idea, impulse, or premonition that comes to you is due to your mind. Your mind thinks, therefore controls.

Where is your mind? That’s a million dollar question. Let’s keep it simple and say that your mind is in your brain and is your brain. When you think about things, e.g. how much fun next Friday will be, ideasandmind what garlic smells like, or lifting a coffee cup, your mind is doing the thinking, and this thinking is affecting your brain. Your brain then sends an electrical impulse to make things happen.

So if you think about drinking coffee, you can think about drinking it from the cup in your hand. Thinking this will naturally cause your brain to tell your arm to lift, your mouth to open, your throat to swallow… The most amazing part of this everyday thing is that you thought about what you wanted to happen; you wanted a drink of coffee. Your muscle and mind came together and did exactly what you wanted.

Drinking coffee is something you do naturally, on a daily basis. It’s not a stretch for your brain to make this happen. Building muscle, on the other hand, is a stretch. One reason it is so difficult to build muscle is because your brain is constantly telling your body that it doesn’t want to grow muscle. Everything that happens in your body can be overruled by your brain. So if it thinks not gaining muscle is best, you won’t be gaining muscle. There is no amount of overpriced supplement, crazy looking exercises, or wishing that you would gain muscle that will make your brain want to build more muscle on your body.

The reason for this is because your brain is naturally hardwired to do certain things. Everyone is different, but for the most part, every person’s brain tries its best to maintain homeostasis in the body. Basically, it tries to keep everything the same, it doesn’t want change. Your body is simply geared toward survival. It is supposed to stay alive, and if your brain and body had there way, you wouldn’t move or burn any calories. This brings up another point. Your body welcomes fat storage, but not muscle growth. Fat storage ensures that there will be energy for later use. Your body is happy to have an abundance of fat, and easily stores it. Your body does not want to have an abundance of muscle. Muscle actually burns calories, ideashackers and your body doesn’t want to burn calories, it wants to store them.

So the equations look like this:

Fat (body and brain want this) = Less calories burned +More energy for survival purposes

Muscle (Body and brain don’t want this) = More calories burned + Less fat stores (energy for survival purposes)

Obviously, what your brain/body want, and what you want are actually the exact opposite.

What to do?

You may be thinking that you can’t control what your body does. You can’t make it stop storing fat or make it grow muscle, that’s true, right? It’s not that black and white, you have more control than you think.

Obviously nutrition and physical activity have a huge role in how much fat is used, and how much muscle growth is stimulated, but there is more to it. Your thinking can actually change your body’s amount of fat and muscle. Its really not so far fetched, if you think about it. Remember, everything that happens in your body, originates in the brain. Your brain is central command. It tells your body what to do. Sometimes you have direct control over what happens. You can move your arms and legs to play sports. You can also train yourself to move your body to play those sports better. Moving your body around is one thing, but you want to know about building muscle with your mind.


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