7 High-Profit Formats For Creating Info Products

When it comes to creating info products, most people tend to think of just books or ebooks. Both are rock-solid formats that can generate revenue for you month after month. infos-live

You can use many of the methods below to shape or reshape your information into these more traditional publishing formats. But you can also use these formats as stand-alone information products, or in combination with others to create powerful packages and stronger offers. 24newsmaster

In addition to books, or their downloadable cousins – ebooks, you can create valuable information products in the following ways:

1. Audio products. Map out an outline or presentation and deliver it into a digital recorder or directly to your computer. Keep it at 60 minutes or less and you can put it on a standard CD, or divide it up into downloadable segments. aniioki

2. Special Reports. It doesn’t take much to write a report, so this is a great way to begin in the information publishing business. 7-25 pages are typical, but you could write more or even less in some cases and still have something others will pay for. thermn

3. Workshops or seminars. Do you regularly make presentations on the job or to community groups? If so, you could easily record your presentations and make them available as information products.

4. Video products. The technological revolution we’re a part of has put video production within the reach of anyone. You can have someone capture your seminar of camera and then create DVD products or downloadable video. Screen-capture software is another great way to create valuable info products.

5. Training manuals. These can be short, concise reports and longer book-like products. Simply lay out your system for achieving a specific result. The best training manuals help readers advance from wherever they are at the present moment to the outcome they seek. Fluxusiptv

6. Interviews. Interviews are powerful and can be used in multiple ways. It’s a great way to get started or to add significant value to an existing information product. Contact experts on your topic and ask for an interview. Prepare a handful of open-ended questions where the expert can elaborate, thereby education your audience.

7. Tele-seminars. Tele-seminars are similar to interviews in that you are engaging an expert about a specific topic of interest to your niche market. But the difference is that you invite an audience along (paid admission or free) and you record it live, often with audience questions and participation. Tele-seminars or “webinars” are powerful info product opportunities with high-profit potential. ufabetutoredm7



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