Exciting 4th of July Las Vegas Helicopter Tours to Grand Canyon

Want to do something exciting and different over the 4th of July holiday? A tour of the Grand Canyon sounds like a great idea, and it is convenient to do when you are in Vegas. One of the best types of tours to take is a helicopter tour, and you can pick and choose your options and upgrades. Just keep in mind that the July 4th holiday is a busy time for travel and tours, so you should get your tour booked as soon as you can because they fill up fast.

Vegas Tours To The Canyon

Vegas helicopters go to the West Rim of the Canyon, puertomaldonadotours and along the way, you’ll fly over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. That means your trip to the Canyon is scenic even before you begin the Canyon flyover, and if you book the right tour, you can have extra adventure once you get to the West Rim.

One of the best reasons to visit the West Rim is because that is the only part of the Canyon where you helicopter can actually land at the Canyon. You can pick a tour that lands on top of the rim or that flies to the Canyon floor, and you can even do both.

If you go to the top of the rim, you can explore walking trails for all abilities, view the Canyon from scenic lookouts, and even try out the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a popular attraction at the Canyon because it is a massive glass bridge that offers spectacular views like no other. The Skywalk lets you walk 70 feet past the edge of the Canyon and stand on a glass floor 4000 feet above the river below. It is a thrilling experience that provides one of the best views in the entire Canyon. sport tape

You’ll enjoy the bottom landing tour just as much, if not more. The flight down to the Canyon floor is exciting, and you can toast your safe arrival with a fun Champagne picnic, plus once you’re there, you can take a scenic boat tour of the Colorado River as it winds along the Canyon floor. An air tour of the Canyon is fun by itself, but if you can land at the Canyon, you’ll have even more fun. The helicopter tour combined with a scenic boat tour makes this one of the most scenic and adventurous tours you can take at the Canyon.

Choose The Deluxe Tour

The helicopter tours out of Vegas are available as basic tours or deluxe tours. The basic tour is ideal if you are on a strict vacation budget, but if you can afford the upgrade, it is definitely worth the extra cost for a few reasons. For one, the deluxe tours come with free transportation to and from your hotel in a limousine. This adds a little fun and pampering to your tour. In addition, the basic tours take off from an airfield in Boulder City, but the deluxe tours conveniently take off right from the Vegas Strip. But the best reason of all for flying a deluxe tour is that you will fly in a superior helicopter.

The deluxe tours fly on EcoStar 130 choppers. They are quieter, smoother flying, and about 25% roomier than the Bell Rangers used on basic tours. The EcoStar offers the best views since the seats are arranged stadium style and the massive viewing window wraps around the aircraft, so no matter where you sit, Jeeter you’ll have an excellent view. So be sure to look for the deluxe upgrade when you book your tour. You get a lot more value than you have to pay in cost for the upgrade, so it is worth it.


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