Quick Refrigerator Magnets

These little refrigerator magnets go together quickly and make charming gifts for the holidays. Present them in a decorated tin for the perfect packaging. Try different stamps for different occasions–Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day. Also, quickstamp try mini drawings of your own or even specialty paper.



  • Card Stock
  • Tiny Stamps
  • Dye Ink Pads
  • Bottled Stamp Cleaner
  • Paper Towels quick stamp
  • Color Pencils
  • 1/2″ Round Punch or Craft Knife
  • 1/2″ Button Magnets
  • 3/4″ Flat-backed glass gems
  • Silicon Glue


Before beginning, gather all the supplies listed above and lay out some scrap paper to protect the work surface. The gems will magnify the images, quickstamp so make sure the images will be viewable under the gems by stamping or drawing on scrap paper and viewing through the glass gem.

Stamp images on the cardstock using dye ink. Clean the stamps with a stamp cleaner  and a paint pad. Open the stamp cleaner bottle and tap it on the stamp to saturate the rubber. Then tap the stamp on a paper towel and wipe the stamp on a dry, quick stamp clean paint pad to remove any remaining residue. Blot the stamp cleaner bottle on a towel to remove excess dye from the applicator tip. Cleaning the stamps immediately will remove any residual dye and prolong the life of the stamps.

Color the stamped images with colored pencils. Use the circle punch to punch out the stamped images, qqstamp or cut out the images using a craft knife.

When the images have been punched or cut, put a dot of silicone glue on the image and gently press the glass gem onto it. Do not press too firmly or too much of the silicone will be pressed out and air bubbles may form between the gum and the card stock. outdoorsfan


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