Wholesale Pocket Knives – Why Branded Pocket Knives Are Offered at Cheap Prices!

One may ask what a pocket knife is and its difference from a folding knife. A usual pocket knife is multi-blade and small intended for ease of putting inside a pocket. They have no locking devices, although the blades can fold. Folding Knives are single blade, shieldon knives usually larger, have several locking devices, and have clips for carrying.

Brand names of knives are confusing and deceiving. Some major brand names like Ka-Bar, Spyderco, Camillus, Gerber, and many others have been offered at cheap prices to the surprise of shoppers. One of the reasons is that manufacturers of these brands contracted with other makers for the purpose of selling at cheap prices. This is a deceiving act and consumers are at the losing end.

Gerber is another major brand that sells and markets Winchester brand pocket knives. Most of the pocket knives that are Winchester brand are a mixture of China made and the original manufacturer made. The result is, some Winchester brand pocket knives have very high quality while some are of fair quality. Again, the consumers are confused.

Why does this happen? For most customers, it makes very little sense. They consider the once good brand now a junk. The good name of a company is the result of good quality products that they sell. Customers don’t mind the price as long as the branded knife they buy deserves the price. For a once good brand to sell at a cheap price will make the customers wonder why. If customers are satisfied, more info please visit:-https://www.daliybiztime.com https://www.daliybuzztime.com/ https://www.techviewtime.com/ they tell their friends about the product and it will spread by word of mouth and the company’s reputation grows.

Some companies made their names in the knife industry by selling very good products. They were selling branded products and offer decent to expensive prices. Yet people buy the products because they like the quality. People depend on those names for good commodities. When some of these good name companies became in a hurry to make money, they would have contacted with a cheap knife manufacturer and ended up selling junk.

Branded pocket knives are offered at cheap prices so as not to kill the business. Customers will not buy expensive ones for fear that they will not get what they expect in the brand name they used to like.


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