Life Is Not Over After 50 – Being Single

Let’s talk about you if you are over 50 and single. You could be the kind of person who just never found the right person. You have high standards and expect your potential partner to have them too. You may have observed your friends’ early marriages ending in divorce, and you are the cautious type. Also, it is very annoying to be out, and your other friends are talking about their dating escapades from the last weekend, or their latest grandchild, and you just go home from work and play with your dogs or cats. Do you want to be single? Many of you chose this state in life after 50. You are very happy people.

It is a good choice after 50. Society expects everyone to have been married by the time you reach the respected age of 50. You have lived through the pages of most history books, and there is no need to change now. You have wisdom.

It is very pleasant to come home when you like, and do exactly what you want. Garden for three hours, browse through your favorite magazine, or go out and strut a healthy walk around your block a few times as suggested by your doctor. Do the laundry at midnight. There is no one to tell you to pick up the sock that fell out of the basket on the way up the stairs. No one will tell you that you must not eat dinner in front of the TV, or the worst travesty, eating in bed!

There is no one to nag you about making your bed before going to work. Get the picture? You’re your own boss at home.

How about your bedtime? You could be someone who is very creative during the late night, or someone who gets up with the rooster. Do you snore, and hog the covers? Well, you don’t have to hear about it in the morning. Do you have to get up during the night? That’s fine because only the floorboards squeak at you.

You can sit down at night and do what you want. Couch exercises, checking email, drawing a picture, calling your sister, meditating on your little used Yoga mat, can be just some of the things that no one will ask you to stop, because they “need” you at that exact moment.

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? No problem. You could take out a frozen diet dinner, eat leftovers, or go downtown to your favorite take out and come home and eat in peace. No one will complain about the low salt, low sugar, low fat diet that will make you healthier. Burp, pass some pungent gas, and laugh at yourself. Now that’s life!

It is very liberating to pick your own vacation, be incognito, and have a great time. The friends you meet will probably be single like you, and when you invite them to your house, you all will share exciting stories.

There are many over 50 singles groups who enjoy being together because they don’t have to hear stories that bore them, and they can begin to experience new activities without negative comments from a partner.

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