Landscape Gardening Practice Makes Your Life Style Peaceful

Landscaping is often used to beautify public places like parks, temples, townships, museums, hotels, villas, and even private homes, which have a scope for an open space or a yard. Good landscaping can enhance the look of a piece of land or it can make an area well-designed for recreation. While most associate landscaping with just gardening, in reality, landscaping also involves construction of walls, buildings, pools, and beautiful interiors. It is all about creating topography and environment. It is a science as well as an art, and requires a good taste of design in addition to an eye for details.

A landscape designer needs to begin the project by sketching the area. He or she needs to consider the adjoining areas, the soil quality, lighting needs, weather conditions, etc. The landscaper can then create a design to enhance the area. A good landscaper should know how much space to allot to each of the landscaping elements to make maintenance easy and also provide enough room for people. Good landscaping begins with the creation of pathways. It can then go on to include adding of shrubs, trees, plants as well as building of pools, fountains, benches, and gazebos. The overall effect is a lush environment, which can be both environmentally beautiful and functional at the same time. Landscaping may be theme oriented, like a traditional English garden, low-water garden, Oriental garden, woodland garden, Mediterranean garden, etc.

Once can also grow a variety of trees. Bonsai, cacti, flowering trees, fruit bearing trees can add a lot of variety to the landscape. Often landscapers include different types of rock in the design plan. Some of the commonly used rocks are blue stone, flagstone, purple quartz, pink quartz, river rock and red rock. To give a rocky appearance, one needs to know which combination of rocks is good. The size of pebbles is also important. They should neither be too small to stick into the soles of boots nor too slippery when wet.

Indiscriminate landscaping can mar the appearance of an area. Good landscaping depends on how each of the elements is laid out and how accessible it is. Intense landscaping at odd places can actually conceal the hard work of an architect.

A properly designed landscape area can be a nosy retreat where a family can spend time together. It offers great opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and at times, privacy. It also increases the monetary value of the property in case of a resale. Landscaping offers a continuous scope for improvement. A good landscape area can be timeless and a source of joy and pride to its owners. It can be ever-changing, thus ruling out the chances of being bored with the same look. Landscaping needs constant maintenance- this can be carried out by gardeners. Good landscaping is an art, and it should blend effortlessly with the natural environment.

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