How to Uncover Your Personal Values With Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a future focused practice with the aim of assisting clients to determine and achieve personal goals by paying attention to all layers of life – be it physical, mental or emotional. The main focus is on personal empowerment, to help people live their life in peace, joy, health and fulfillment instead of feeling sick, depressed, anxious, and constantly tired.

The relationship between a client and a coach is unconditional and non-judgmental. Unconditional, as it is designed to support the client on his/her individual path, without any attachment to the outcome on the coach’s side. Non-judgmental, as no one is standing above the client – instead awareness is being raised which encourages the client to take control and responsibility for his/her life.

A fantastic tool to learn about the client’s physical and psychological ‘make up’ is a ‘Personality Analysis’ on the basis of the Five Elements which can tell us exactly where we stand at any given moment, shows opportunities and potential and indicates possibilities to move forward. This has been particularly helpful for school/behavior issues of children, relationship problems and career changes. Similarly, one is able to detect imbalances within the physical body and address them accordingly by incorporating the respective Healing Modality – including advice on life style and nutrition.

As physical pain and feeling stuck in life almost always results from long standing emotional issues, frustration, disappointment and anger it is particularly helpful to address the momentary emotional imbalance first. In this regard, BACH Flowers have been proven to re-establish the inner equilibrium in a relatively short period of time after which the client has a clearer view on his/her situation. Once, the client is aware of where he/she is in life and is able to determine where he/she would rather be, new ways of thinking can be opened up in order to close the gap between the two.

It is usually at this point that blockages and limiting beliefs surface preventing the client from moving forward – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is only one of the many ways to release gently yet profoundly those unwanted barriers. The effects of the above need to be constantly consolidated by the Life Coach through conversations in order to guide the client towards manifesting the life he/she desires.

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