Enjoy a New Life Style With the Samsung G600

For every mobile phone user who is going to purchase a new handset, Samsung will be the first option. It is mainly because of its user friendly and attractive features. The high quality features that are usually carried by Samsung are always superior to its competitors that make it always stand ahead in the market. Here again, Samsung has repeated the history with its latest launch. The Samsung G600 model handset, the latest entry from the Korean electronic giant is a mind blowing camera phone that succeeds in emerging as a high brand in the market. The handset with a slide opening casing is preferred by many for its really stunning looks and smooth finish. The easy to slide opening mechanism is another feature that makes the handset stand apart from other models.

If you are in search of a handset that could that could satisfy your requirement of a perfect colour screen on the handset, then definitely you are at the right point. The Samsung G600 mobile phone has a 2.2 inch colour screen which could too easily and comfortably provide upto sixteen million colours on a high resolution TFT screen. Definitely, the easy accessibility to its slide closed position is another feature that increases its popularity. If you are in search of memory feature, then also you are at the perfect doors. The really fascinating feature of this model is the built-in memory of the handset. Definitely, the 55Mbytes of built-in memory is nothing inferior to other models in the same category. To make things more attractive and stunning, the memory option of this handset is expandable. The user will find in no difficulty to expand the memory option of this handset model G600 from Samsung with a memory card slot. The easy to handle model with a comfortable weight of 105 grams including battery is nothing but a light weight handset. Thanks to the comfortable measurement of 102 x 47.8 x 14.9mm, with the help of which it is easy to carry in hand and slip into the pocket.


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