4 Ways to Control Your Weight, Diet and Lead a Healthier Life Style!

Is your body receiving the essential nutrients it need?

You may be unaware of this phrase, but it could matter more to your long term weight loss goals than you are aware of.

According to clinical trials for the last 40 years we have been eating wildly ‘out of sync’ to our body’s actual nutritional wants opting for high fat diets which are not in correct alignment with our body’s dietary needs.

Yet this can quickly be improved by incorporating a Truer Food diet…

One: Eat local food
Uncooked fruits/vegetables can lose 10%-50% of their less stable nutrients within a couple of weeks of being picked, so the longer these fresh foods to be ingested in your digestive tract, the less essential nutrients your body will gain. Instead try to aim to eat freshly picked foods every day.

Option 2: Keep your diet varied
The more variety of foods you eat, the greater the chance you will be able to complete your daily nutritional necessities. Therefore try not to eliminate so much foods from your meals to prevent yourself from gaining weight, instead try to harmonize your foods.

Three: Eat whole foods
Processed foods is another way of saying foods that are saturated with things that we want to avoid. Important nutrients are replaced with preservatives, synthetic ingredients, excess fat and salt. Thus, it is highly recommended to eat whole foods, so your body can maintain its bodily functions and ingest the nutritions it needs. As a result, your body will maintain your metabolism and enhance your weight control.

Four: Stock up in your Kitchen
It is true that when you this might push you away from the restaurants and experiencing a more varied diet. However preparing meals using organic and fresh ingredients can benefit you fr


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