Which Method of Network Marketing Can Jumpstart Your 5linx Business

I have spent a considerable amount time researching and finding the solutions to Network Marketing. I have seen an abundance of new methods that are used by some people that we call computer savvy. I have seen the old methods that some call out dated and hated. This article will focus on the Pros and Cons for each method that could improve your 5linx business.

1. Old School Network Marketing of your 5linx Business

This method has been used since the days of Mary Kay and Avon. It involves making a list of 20-100 of your friends and family, we call the warm market. Then calling everyone on your list to promote your business and its products. This also involves using Marketing Materials that you have bought from your 5linx business such as magazines and cd’s to market your business. Most sales meetings or opportunity overviews happen in hotel and homes. This usually involves talking to strangers, cold calling, and the three foot rule.

PROS: You work directly with your downline, improves team building.You are more likely to receive help from upline, motivation and momentum is carried throughout a team and your 5linx business.

CONS: Lots of rejection, you pitch your opportunity to people that don’t care, you run out of people on your warm list, cost of marketing is much higher to buy CD’s and magazines.

2. New School Network Marketing of your 5linx Business

This method involves using the internet to market your products and opportunity by using a squeeze page or lead capture page designed by the network marketer. For more details please visit:-https://TheBestOfPanamaCityBeach.com https://orlo-osaka.com/ Viewers of these pages see something that is enticing and they want to hear more by opting in and asking for more information. This information is usually given free, and it is a way to get the viewers email and other information to follow up with the lead. Autoresponders are used to give information in a daily sequence to build a relationship with the lead. After a relationship is built the lead is ready to join you 5linx business opportunity or purchase product.

PROS: Lots of leads are developed, leads come to you looking for your opportunity, you can build a relationship first by providing valuable information. Sponsoring now becomes stress free, keep friends and family, people are not running away from you and your 5linx business opportunity, but they actually come to you.

CONS: You must be computer savvy, hard working and patient. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it will involve every skill you have. If you would like to learn how to generate 10-20 reps in your 5linx business a month then go this link to get your free information.

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